About Us

Here's everything you need to know

Who are we?

We're the Official Glasgow Branch of Official Liverpool Supporters, we go by the Glasgow Reds.

When were we founded?

The Glasgow Reds was formed in 2004, and became official in February 2013.

How did the club start?

A Liverpool fan went to a pub in Glasgow to watch a match. He noticed a fellow Red at the bar, and they started talking.

The next week, another Red was in the same pub, and he joined in the chat.

Then there were four... five.... thirty... and they realised something was growing organically to where we are today.

Who are the members?

We are a widely diverse group of passionate men, women and children who take every opportunity to meet and enjoy Liverpool games surrounded by fellow supporters, be it at a venue in Glasgow or at the match itself.

The common goal of all involved being to support the club, and our group, and play a part in the history, and future, of Liverpool Football Club.

What's the point?

We've built a community within Glasgow for all Reds to be a part of, whether you're Scottish, an ex-pat Scouser or swahili, where you can meet to watch the match live and be a part of something special, rather than sitting at home on your own, screaming at your own telly like a maniac and scaring the cat.

Second only to being at Anfield itself, we offer every Red the chance to come along and prove us wrong.

What's it like?

It's brilliant, and our members agree.

Don't worry if you're shy and don't wanna mingle too much, and likewise don't worry if you're the centre of attention and wanna start a chant, every Red is welcome.

We're all there for one reason... supporting Jurgen's Reds.