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Our Committee

The people who make everything work

LF Lee Foley.jpg

Lee Foley


Overseeing all aspects of keeping a successful OLSC running smoothly, developing relationships with businesses including Liverpool FC, managing member relations, maintaining the club's excellent reputation and building for the future.

Gary C web.jpg

Gary Carmichael

Transport Manager

Organising all logistical and practical aspects of our Club Trips as well as our Car Share Facility, maintaining business relationships and negotiating with relevant service providers, ensuring all member trips are catered for irrespective of personal attendance.

Neil M web.jpg

Neil MacCormick


Responsible for all financial and banking matters surrounding the Glasgow Reds OLSC, donations, payments and receipts of all varieties, maintaining multiple accounts and ensuring the club holds a healthy balance for all financial requirements.

LF Stuart Irvine.jpg

Stuart Irvine


Managing, maintaining and primarily communicating via social media channels and email from all contacts within and external from the OLSC, liaising with the venue and handling in house queries to ensure we can provide a safe environment for all members.

LF Stephen Kirley_edited.jpg

Stephen Kirley

Charity Manager

Tasked with arranging fund raising events, activities and raising the profile of the Glasgow Reds OLSC's chosen charity each season, maximising donations from within the club from its members, associated businesses and available club funds.

The Committee: Meet the Coaches

Our Administrator


Jane Butler

Glasgow Reds Administrator

Jane will be working with us to help with online administration and real life events,
which we believe will bring a new level to what we offer throughout the season.

The Committee: Meet the Coaches
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