Frequently Asked Questions

The most common things people want to know about us!

What venue do you use to meet for live screening matches?

The Glasgow Reds OLSC meet for all Liverpool matches at The Record Factory, located at 17 Byres Road, Glasgow, G11 5RD.

Don't worry if you're not a member yet, just pop down and see what it's all about!

Are children under 18 allowed in the venue?

Children and families are welcome for all games, accompanied by an adult. This is guaranteed for all fixtures midweek.

This may not apply to some fixtures, such as late evening games on a weekend. If in any doubt, over weekend evening fixtures only, please don't hesitate to ask.

Do you charge for membership annually?

We do. We'll tell you more about it if you come to our AGM on Saturday 30th July.

What can I expect from a live screening at The Record Factory?

Full match coverage of all LFC matches, widescreen HD projectors, private areas, discounts on food and drinks, an amazing atmosphere, loads of fellow LFC fans and plenty more including charitable events, prizes etc

Without question the best place to watch the match in our great city.

Can you get me tickets to a game at Anfield?

That's not what we're here for.

We do get a small allocation of tickets, and we dish these to our members on a reward basis.

We're a community, which you're welcome to be a part of, but we're not a ticket outlet and definitely not touts!

What type of discounts do I get in The Record Factory as a member?

Hungry? Get yourself 20% off the entire food menu!

Thirsty? Cans of soft drinks or a cup of tea are £1.00.

Fancy a bevvy? Bottles of lager from £2.50, pints of house lager or cider are £3.00, all amazing prices considering you're on Byres Road!

How do I make payment for memberships, tickets or trip packages?

Our primary payment method is PayPal, which is a free, secure service and if you've got a bank account and an internet connection, you can get it too.

As a member, am I guaranteed a ticket through the season?

Short answer... No. 

Being an active OLSC, showing up regularly at The Record Factory for the matches and becoming part of the group will mean that you will be in the reckoning for upcoming trips.

How much is an official Ticket & Travel package?

The Trip price has been frozen since we began at £75 per adult, £60 per child (accompanied by a parental guardian or responsible adult) including return travel and match ticket.

This season, despite the increasing prices and altering offers from bus firms, fuel price increases and other rises, we have managed to maintain the fee for the entirety.

Is it just longer standing members that get the tickets?

Absolutely not.

Throughout the past five seasons over 60% of tickets have been allocated to new members in their first or second season as members of the Glasgow Reds.

Do I need anything else to get access to Anfield?

Anyone wishing to enter Anfield must also hold an Official LFC Membership.

These can be obtained from LFC directly at any time throughout the season.

No exceptions will be made to this rule, the Glasgow Reds OLSC will not tolerate card swapping.

What are my refund or exchange options?

As a non-profit organisation, we do not offer refunds in the event that you have paid for a Ticket & Travel package but now (for any reason) you cannot travel.

However, we will do everything in our power to find a replacement passenger who will take your place on the trip. We will not allow you to reassign your ticket or travel to anyone else, all changes must be undertaken by the committee.

I've sourced my own tickets, can I jump on your bus?

While we do have trips throughout the season, the capacity of our bus typically meets the number of tickets we have available, so these opportunities are extremely limited and infrequent.

However, we're always happy to help our local Reds, so make sure you're coming down to The Record Factory and get to know us. If you're a Red, come and get involved.