About the Glasgow Reds

Glasgow's Official Branch of Liverpool Supporters Club

The Glasgow Reds were granted affiliation by LFC in February 2013. A massive honour for our club after many years of hard work.

The club started in the simplest fashion. Two Liverpool fans in the same pub. Then there were three…. Four… and we realised this could be something much bigger.

We are now a diverse group of passionate men, women and children who take every opportunity to meet and enjoy Liverpool games surrounded by fellow supporters, be it at a venue in Glasgow or at the game itself.

The common goal of all involved being to support the club, and our group, and play a part in the history, and future, of Liverpool Football Club.

Be advised, we are not a ticket facility. Nor are we a group of strangers proving ticket and travel to games. We are an active OLSC who enjoy meeting for every single Liverpool match, and work together to produce a great atmosphere in our chosen venue for all Reds to enjoy.

The Glasgow Reds OLSC has regularly contributed to charitable events and look to continue to support worthy causes in the future, which we estimate has exceeded £15,000 since our creation.

A non-profit organisation, we exist due to the dedicated approach of the committee and its members, and would be nothing without the involvement of normal, every day people like yourself.

If you would like to be a part of what we are building, please contact us.

You’ll Never Walk Alone.